Duty free parcels in Russia since 1/04/24 is 200 euro

List of natural persons, referred to EU sanctions against Russia

Our company have created this list based on data from open sources.
The information on this page is for reference only.

Please always check the recipient of your shipment in the current list of sanctions.

Who is being sanctioned

The European Union has sanctioned over 1 900 individuals and entities. This includes
  • the Russian leadership
  • high-ranking officials
  • military staff
  • Wagner group commanders
  • prominent businesspeople and oligarchs
  • pro-Kremlin and anti-Ukrainian propagandists
  • persons and entities operating in the Russian military and IT sector
  • orchestrators of the recent illegal so-called "elections" in the Ukrainian territories that Russia has temporarily occupied
  • key figures involved in the forced "re-education" of Ukrainian children or the illegal deportation of Ukrainian children to Russia
Sanctioned individuals
  • all accounts in EU banks are frozen
  • banned from traveling anywhere in the EU
  • illegal to provide assets or funds from the EU to these individuals